Igor Schnyder,

lic. iur., Attorney-at-law, LL.M.

Igor Schnyder, Attorney-at-law

After studying law, Igor Schnyder was admitted to the bar and founded a law firm in 2005. In 2008, he began to focus on medical devices and pharmaceuticals and also assisted his clients in the area of acquisitions, wholesale agreements for the manufacture and distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and corporate compliance. He prepared the dossier for the formation and recognition of outpatient medical institutions (operating licence). As a result, he is familiar with the requirements for licences (healthcare personnel, institutions and therapeutic products) not only from regulatory proceedings as a party representative, but also as an applicant himself. In addition, Igor Schnyder supports manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals in outsourcing business processes in the context of clinical trials.

Immediately after opening his law firm, Igor Schnyder was mainly active in the IT and telecommunications sector, managing various market access and pricing proceedings and the Legal + Regulatory department of Tele2 Switzerland. He later became a member of the Executive Board and also a member of the Board of Directors of Tele2 Switzerland. After the sale of Tele2’s Swiss subsidiary, in which he played a major role, Igor Schnyder decided to return to working exclusively in his law firm, combining his in-depth knowledge of IT and digital technologies with his expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector.

Since 2008, Igor Schnyder has also been advising larger international companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. He is a member of various boards of directors of companies active in the medical services and food industries.


  • Medizinprodukterecht, MDR
  • Arzneimittelrecht
  • Krankenversicherungsrecht
  • Compliance
  • Verträge: Vertragsverhandlungen und Redaktion
  • öffentliche Beschaffung
  • Wettbewerbsrecht
  • IT und Telekommunikation
  • Interimsmanagement
  • Geschäftsübernahmen

Professional background

  • Seit 2008 – Selbständigerwerbender Anwalt
  • Seit 2008 – Geschäftsführungen ad interim
  • 2006–2008 – LL.M. in IT und Telekommunikation
  • 2005–2009 – Head Legal & Regulatory Tele2 Schweiz
  • 2002–2004 – Ausbildung zum Fürsprecher / Fürsprecherpatent des Kantons Bern
  • 1999–2002 – Studium der Jurisprudenz an der Universität Bern
  • 1994–1998 – Studium der Medizin an der Universität Bern

Social commitment

  • Verein Chinderhuus Surbtal
  • Revisor Genossenschaft Weisser Wind Freienwil

Board memberships / shareholders / management

  • Inko Sports AG (Sportlernahrung)
  • MARIGO GmbH (Immobilien / Bau / Projektleitung / Unterhalt)

Abgeschlossene Mandate

  • B. Braun Medical Care AG (Ambulante ärztliche Institution)
  • Plouder GmbH (Telekommunikation)
  • Tele2 Telecommunication Services AG (Telekommunikation)